Productivity commission australia gambling 16

Productivity commission australia gambling 16 internet games casino games Retrieved 22 January

hondah casino resort pinetop lakeside arizona online casino machine CASINO WATERPARK IN WI lakewood casino ban 16 GAMBLING. problem gamblers currently account for $ billion of gaming machine losses. Several submissions noted changes since then. In the decade since the Productivity Commission ’s first report into Australia ’s gambling industries, the industry in Victoria (particularly gaming) has. Productivity Commission , Economic Implications of an Ageing Australia, Research Report, Canberra. This State has a stronger reliance on revenue from lottery gambling, in which older gamblers spend more than the young. cent), gaming machines ( per cent) and keno ( per cent). • Only per cent gambled on horse races, 7 per cent on casino table games, and 51 Australian Retailers Association, Submission to Productivity Commission Australia ’s Gambling Industries Inquiry (November ).

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