What does god say about gambling

What does god say about gambling gambling blogs Christ says in Matthew"where your treasure is there will your heart be also. You make some great points. Print subscriptions available in U.

mathmatical probability gambling ottawa hull casino FREE TOURNAMENT CASINOS US PLAYERS poker palace casino las vegas It is in the Scriptures about money where we can get an idea of what God thinks when we gamble our money away. The truth is that gambling is a massive problem in modern society. We encourage you to read more about it in our article entitled “ What Does The Bible Say About Salvation?“. Home > Biblical Perspective > What Does the Bible Say about Gambling? Even if we do not wish to say that it is sinful, several passages of Scripture make it clear that it is simply against the wisdom of God for our lives. Home» Bible Questions» What does the Bible say about gambling? Therefore, the enticement of gambling and playing the lottery comes under these texts. But there is more. God has given to each person certain talents, which includes time, money, and influence.

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